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  • Developing a Sense of Self

    20th Sep 2019 by

    As a kid I was always told “be yourself”, “don’t let anyone change you”, “don’t try to be someone else”, and many other phrases inspiring me to stick to the norms I now held. I was apart of a group who determined all the beliefs I had and developed my sense of self as ‘something… Read more

  • Mindfulness and Me

    24th Aug 2019 by

    I have dabbled in the meditation world for a long time, but up until recently I did not understand what mindfulness really was. I was lost on the real point of being mindful and why I should ‘focus on my breathing’ for 10 minutes a day. The real benefits of meditation became apparent to me… Read more

  • be.

    10th Feb 2020 by

    a poem time, is valuable. This can be said for sure- but if you rush to value time you will not feel secure. Life is but a moments blink- of truth there is no cure by living in the moment- find a gift that’s real and pure. The fact that time is running out a… Read more


    5th Feb 2020 by

    This past week I’ve been so sick. I havent felt this crappy in so long and I curse every thing I touched last week that might’ve given me this. Also I forced myself to go to the doctor as a busy and exhausted student who is so behind from being sick, hoping they could help… Read more

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