Poems and Life Lessons

Live fully; Love often

Be naturally good natured be habitually forgiving be automatically honest be instinctively generous be thoughtlessly caring be forgiving of your faults make laughter your default make happy your autopilot make away with your bad days let your attitude be the latitude you climb to don’t settle for your yesterdays, todays or tomorrows live fully love…

Notes on a Sunny Day in Quarantine

When I was in the first grade, a teacher gave us a homework assignment in the early months of spring to go outside and notice the changes that were occurring. I for one took this assignment to its greatest lengths, documenting the budding tresses and sprouting tulips as they came into being. I noticed as…

My Midwifery School Vows

In Midwifery I know there will be ups and downs and I won’t always be grateful and filled with passion the way I want to be, but as a reminder to myself, I am writing these vows; so that if I am ever feeling worn out, tired and restless, I can read these words and…

Welcome To Your New Life

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