My Midwifery Journey

What is a Midwife?

A Midwife is a Health Care professional that works with women( and trans/non-binary people with uterus’s) during pregnancy, childbirth and 6 weeks postpartum, Midwifery Care is incredibly personal and autonomous for mothers. Midwives work to empower and give choice to women and teach them to trust their bodies and make informed decisions for their birth. Midwives educate about alternatives to medical interventions but support any choice that a women makes for her care. Above all Midwives work for women and with women to give them the successful birth they desire.

Why I Love Midwifery

Midwives can spend 45 minutes to an hour with each patient which gives time for personalized care and not only checking on physical well being, but emotional too. Mothers can ask all the questions they want and are told that they are in charge of their birth, they can choose where they give birth and who they will have with them during and afterwards. They are able to choose their interventions and when it is happening they are able to find a position that is comfortable for them and not restrictive as many doctor facilitated births can be.

Who Can Receive Midwifery Care?

although Midwife and home births are safe for normal pregnancies, some high-risk pregnancies require a doctor in case of complications.

My Blog Posts About Midwifery

*All views are of my own opinion and do not reflect those of McMaster or the Board of Midwifery. I am a Midwifery student, starting in September, so this information is based on what I believe to be true about the profession. As I begin classes I will learn more about Midwifery and post more accurate information on what Midwives stand for and are able to do*

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